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The farmers of Bangladesh is facing many challenges from climate change. Imbalance and insufficient rainfall and heated weather causes less productivity. The farmers are assured of irrigation for their crops, even on the most overcast days. Especially The solar pumps enable an easy installation and transition from the traditional systems. This solar powered irrigation pump function without noise or pollution and require less maintenance. SIP can also contribute to the social income generation.

uring the dry season irrigation is very necessary for cultivation. Most of the power is limited to the rural areas of Bangladesh. Usually rural irrigation system relies on Low Lift Pump (LLP), Shallow Tube Well (STW) and Deep Tube Well (DTW). LLP and STW mostly use diesel and DTW is mainly operated by electricity. A solar powered irrigation pump is a best possible source to overcome this seasonal irrigation problem. The solar pumps reduces farmers’ dependence on diesel supply, which is often costly particularly in remote rural areas.

BGEF has started installing Solar Irrigation pump in rural off grid areas to support the agricultural sector of the country. Already BGEF installed three (3) submersible pumps in the western part of Bangladesh (Kushtia) and replacing diesel run pumps. On an average these pumps are producing approximately 16 Lac liters of water from ground water source each day.

Negotiation is going on for providing consultancy and advice for scaling up renewable energy technologies, joint collaboration, replication in Asia, Africa and Europe. Set up very good linkages with top energy experts / businesses all the over the world including MASDAR, UAE, Total, France to bring new solar/renewable energy technologies to Bangladesh.

Also set up linkages with top universities such as Yale, Stanford, MIT to bring Interns to Bangladesh.