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Our Focus
Solar Home System
Improved Cooking Stove
Solar Irrigation Pump
Bio Gas Plant
Solar Home System
  • Solar System 20 watt To 85 Watt
  • Solar Battery 20 AH To 100 AH
  • Solar LED Lights
  • We give them after sales service based on their warranty period. We have taken the assembling, repairing of solar accessories to the rural areas.

    Improve Cooking Stove
    • Less Smoke
    • Less Fuel Cost
    • Less Cooking Time
    • Less Envionment Pollution
    • Neat & Clean Cooking System
    • Improved cook stoves protects environment from pollution.

      Solar Irrigation Pump
      • 13kw/17.5 hp Pump Capacity
      • 1.5-2 Million ltr/day Water Pulling
      • 120-150 Bigha/Pump Water Converting
      • Less Costing than Diesel
      • On an average these pumps are producing approximately 16 Lac liters ofwater from ground water source each day.

        Biogas Plant
        • Needs 3-4Cows for a Plant
        • Proper & full Utilisation Of CowDung
        • Gas can be Used for Cooking
        • Bio-fuel reduces Greenhouse gas
        • Gas can be Stored too
        • installed more than 145 bio gas plant to the rural areas of Bangladesh.