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International Internship Program

The following costs are tentative and subject to change. Updates costs will be provided to participants as necessary and on time. These costs do not include personal expenses, such as food and lodging local transportation etc during the exposer visit in BGEF intern program. The cost of participation in the BGEF Intern Program in Bangladesh (excluding international travel expenses) is US$ 300 (Three Hundred US dollars) per person for 4 week exposure visit in Bangladesh. Participant has to pay this to BGEF in cash (equivalent amount in Local Currency) upon arrival. Exposure visit includes administrative work at BGEF head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, field visit in any of 307 operating branch offices in Bangladesh, participating in the field work to learn about the installation, service and maintenance of renewable energy products. The participants of this program will also get actively get themselves involve in BGEF customer / staff training sessions and in collection process. At the end of the exposure visit, participants will have the opportunity to have an exclusive meeting with the founder and chairman of BGEF Mr. Dipal C. Barua.

Fluer Nash Wrote About Bright Green Energy Foundation

Fleur Nash,winner of the Bullock Travel Award [2012,Human sciences].She Was the first Intern in Bright Green Energy Foundation at 2014.She wites about her trip to bangladesh and time at the Bright Green Energy Foundation.

Mr.Oyebanji Makanjuola

Banjimak Consulting Ltd.
He was intern in Bright Green Energy Foundation at 2015.He did so much work in field level and was very delighted to work with people.

Internship Process

Participants for the Exposure Visit Program are expected to pay BGEF $15 US per day, In addition, participants will pay for all their own daily expenses such as food, accommodation. and local Transportation, if necessary interpreter etc. However BGEF can provide subsidized accommodation for US$ 20 per day. Accommodation facility is limited. Application in advance for subsidized accommodation is required. If any of the participant of this program requires a translator / interpreter, a fee of $10 us will be charged. per day.

1. Application for Internship Program:

a. Copy of your CV(Biodata)
b. Copy of your Passport
c. One (1) Copy of recent Photograph with White Back Ground
d. Here is Complete [ Application form ]
E. You must obtain an invitation letter from BGEF.

2. Application for VISA:

You are required to apply for Bangladeshi VISA at your local Bangladesh Embassy or nearest Bangladeshi VISA consulate. Applicant must have a return ticket when applying for a Visit Visa. The visa process may take 14 working days from the day of application received. A letter of invitation for Intern Visit visa may be provided by BGEF upon application approval.