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Training for Women Empowerment

BGEF has Successfully met internal demand of all solar accessories such as charge controllers, CFLs, invertors etc through production at four (4) rural based (GTC) with the help of local women technicians. Allthe GTCs are currently run by women.The founder & Chairman DipalBaruaput emphasis on women empowerment along with the expansion of renewable energy. To achieve this he have introduced rural based GTC (Green Technology Centres) to train rural women into a green technician for future, who would provide after sell service and product support to the rural household who uses renewable energy technology for their energy needs.

The GTCs mainly provide trainings to local women who ensures after sell services to the beneficiaries. Also GTCs provide repair work for warranty expire accessories. All my GTCs are run by skilled women engineers.They provide training for assembling and repair of solar accessories such as charge controller, lamp shade circuit, switch and other spare parts of solar home system.

Women technicians operating are working at rural GTCs (Green Technology Center) and assembling and repairingsolar accessories for SHS and earning more than Tk. 5000 permonth. They are also providing maintenance services to their own communities at rural leveland training rural women for becoming green technician.

Over 300 women were trained to become entrepreneurs of green energy